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We make sure that all our products are of very high quality

شركة النيره المحدودة Unparalleled quality

Drive Thru

The car's ordering systems are integrated, including the screen, the outer frame, and its extensions, in addition to the audio and video system.

شركة النيره المحدودة Drive Thru

Who are we?

About the company

We are a Saudi company that offers you integrated solutions in the design and integration of multimedia systems and advanced technical facilities to meet all customer needs in all sectors

Alnaierh LTD Company


VISION  Anlaierh company Ltd


We transform products into solutions through the integration of our team with bright minds and to be among the world's technology leaders, starting from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to all parts of the world.

MISSION  Anlaierh company Ltd


We work to provide the best and most accurate solutions

VALUE  Anlaierh company Ltd


Providing innovative solutions and continuous support to government and private sectors to make their vision successful in meeting the requirements of our time, to be unique in its idea and creative in its performance.

Our Sections

We show you our various departments

Signage Screen  Anlaierh company Ltd

Signage Screen

Of various sizes and specification for all sectors

FootFall System  Anlaierh company Ltd

FootFall System

An AI system for counting people

ESL  Anlaierh company Ltd


Electric Shelf Label

CMS  Anlaierh company Ltd


Control your content from phone

Why should you choose us? Anlaierh company Ltd

Why should you choose us?

In the midst of the large number of competing companies, it is difficult for you to choose the right company. We will mention some advantages for you

  • We are skilled at our work
  • We innovate solutions to complex problems
  • We provide solutions directly from our company without any third party

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